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Denver Airport's Modern Solution to the Classic Lost-and-Found Problem

September 3, 2014 at 9:08 AM | by | ()

Thankfully we can’t recall a time where we left something behind at the airport, but if you’re someone who has gone through your fair share of cell phone chargers the airport in Denver has you covered. The airport just brought their lost and found system online in hopes of reuniting travelers with their lost goodies.

At Denver International Airport all the lost items are collected and organized over in the Jeppesen Terminal on Level 5 near the International Arrivals. However, now the forgotten goods are available over at their website as well, so there’s no need to double-back to the airport to start your searching.

Travelers register with the system, and then they answer a few questions regarding their missing item. Describe what you lost, determine when you misplaced it, and do you best to let them know where you left it behind. The airport will issue you a tracking number, and then they’ll keep you posted if they’re able to match up your description with their lost and found items.

We’d still keep a really close eye on our stuff, but it’s nice to know the airport is looking out for us—even when we might forget to do the same for ourselves.

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