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Will Drones Soon Be Buzzing Overhead at Disney Theme Parks?

September 3, 2014 at 10:09 AM | by | ()

It sounds like Disney is hard at work thinking of the latest and greatest in theme park technology, but this time things aren’t exactly related to new rides, attractions, or roller coasters.

Disney recently filed a few patent applications for some of their new ideas, and they have a lot to do with drones. Specifically, the plans sound like the theme parks are planning to put unmanned flying devices to work in the name of sharing a little more entertainment with visitors.

Floating projection screens, new light displays suspended in the air, and oversized puppets are just a few of the ideas for which the Disney drones might be responsible.

Obviously things are still very much on the drawing board at this point, and we’d imagine Disney would keep their secrets quiet until ready to announce things to the masses. However, we can’t help but imagine how this new technology would take the traditional fireworks show to the next level.

[Photo: Anthony Quintano]

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