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More Local Restaurants Take the Leap into PDX's Food Court

August 6, 2014 at 11:56 AM | by | ()

When we last left Portland International Airport we were busy admiring their beautiful airport carpet designs, but now we’re back and we’re investigating something a little more delicious. A bunch of famous local eats from the city’s foodie scene are making their way past security and into the terminals and concourses. Best of all we won’t have to wait years and years for a first taste, as the first will likely debut early next year.

It sounds like plenty of vendors, restaurants, and other shops are running out of time on their leases. That means that a whole bunch of establishments will be changing hands, and that allows spots like Bunk Sandwiches, Bunk Sandwiches, and Mo's Chowder to open a few new airport locations to offer up some on the go eats.

Airport officials are focused on offering up the Portland experience right from the start, so they’re looking at local establishments first and foremost rather than the usual airport chains and brands. It sounds like applying for spots at the airport is kind of pain, and there are plenty of rules and guidelines. Still—restaurants like Pine State Biscuits, Salt & Straw, Case Study Coffee, What's the Scoop, and Stumptown Coffee are just a handful of the local landmarks looking to make an appearance at the airport.

One of those pain in the neck rules is that the airport kind of regulates prices to reasonable levels, so that means there’s no $8 slice pizza. Good news for travelers, but it does make it tricky to price things and run a solid profit for businesses. We’ll keep you posted, but just know that Sbarro and Starbucks might be on the way out in favor of some local flavor.

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