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Yes, Airplane Bathrooms are Shrinking (At Least on Qantas)

Where: Australia
August 4, 2014 at 10:19 AM | by | ()

It feels like everything from the seats to the bathrooms aboard airplanes keep getting smaller and smaller, and apparently that truly will be the case with some Qantas planes and their interior refurbishments. Not that you want to spend anymore time in an airplane lavatory, but just note itís not you getting bigger itís them getting smaller.

Qantas is in the middle of planning on adding and squeezing a few more seats into some of their domestic airplanes, and they’re doing so in hopes of boosting capacity by around three percent.

Thankfully the seating shift wonít affect the amount of room passengers have in and around their assigned seat, so instead theyíre grabbing some extra space by making changes to both the galley and the restrooms. The number of lavatories on the plane will remain the same, but a new slimline design will be utilized.

This should give economy class six more seats, and obviously thatís six more paying customers. Things wonít start being installed until the middle of next year, and after that itís going to be at least a year before every plane is ready to go. Until then enjoy that legroom when using the loo!

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