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What US Airports Will Welcome You Home with an Automated Passport Kiosk

August 5, 2014 at 3:37 PM | by | ()

Our favorite piece of travel technology to spread in 2014 is the Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosk, and every new airport added to the list of users is one more notch for progress. Joining the club this summer have been Newark, Atlanta, and—newest of all—Detroit Metropolitan International Airport, who just completed installation of 30 shiny kiosks.

The APC, which began at Vancouver International Airport, now allow travelers arriving from international flights to quickly enter their details, snap a photo, receive a stamp, and continue on their merry way into baggage claim; this is as opposed to waiting in a long line to see an agent for the usual passport review and stamp. It's not Global Entry; it's something better than Global Entry, not to mention the fact it's completely free.

We first experienced the smooth and snappy process back in October, and fell in love with it. A recent pass through Toronto-Pearson also had us swiping our passport and posing for the tiny camera, and the entire process remains pleasantly perfunctory.

Delta is a big fan of the kiosks and are working with US Customs and Border Protection to install them in their hubs, so far completing this in JFK, ATL, SEA, and now DTW.

Here's where to find the automated passport machines as of August 1, 2014:

· Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL)
· Charlotte-Douglas (CLT)
· Chicago-O'Hare (ORD)
· Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW)
· Detroit Metro (DTW)
· Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
· Houston-George Bush (IAH)
· Los Angeles International (LAX)
· Miami International (MIA)
· New York-JFK (JFK) (Terminals 1 & 4)
· Newark-Liberty (EWR)
· Orlando International (MCO)
· Phoenix-Sky Harbor (PHX)
· Seattle-Tacoma (SEA)

· Montreal-Trudeau (YUL)
· Toronto Pearson (YYZ)
· Vancouver International (YVR)

How to use the kiosks:

Simply roll up to one, scan your passport page, confirm that the screen has your ID and arriving flight info correct, tap to answer "no" to the usual "are you bringing anything weird into our country?" questions, and a camera snaps your photo and prints a receipt of the transaction. Show that receipt to a man in a booth (no waiting!), he'll stamp your passport, and you're free to enter baggage claim. You'll finally yield that receipt to the customs inspection officers after baggage claim, with minimal bother and no queuing.

[Photo: US Customs and Border Protection]

Archived Comments:

Global Entry

Hello, it is called Global Entry. With the amount you travel, I am super surprised you don't have it....I STRONGLY suggest you get Global Entry...


Hi Macdan, this is not Global Entry. The APC is a totally different kiosk from Global Entry, and is free (unlike Global Entry). We actually suggest skipping Global Entry as these APC kiosks become more readily available.


What are the differences in the arrivals process when using the APC versus GE kiosks?

When you say APC is better than GE, is that only because it is free and doesn't require an onerous application process, or is it better in other ways?