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The TSA Has Your iPhone

August 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

According to Consumer Reports, 2013 saw some 4.5 million smartphones reported lost or stolen. 2014's numbers are expected to be even higher, especially with the debut of a new iPhone this autumn.

If you've long thought your phone had gone to the great charging cable in the sky, consider that perhaps it's just at the bottom of a pile of crusty lost-and-found electronics at an airport somewhere. The Transportation Safety Administration yesterday posted an Instagram showing a tiny sample of the forgotten gadgets they end up tossing into a box at LAX alone, and it's pretty alarming.

"Sometimes, itís impossible to know who an item belongs to, so when an item is left behind, itís logged into lost & found with notes such as time found, terminal, airline, lane, description, etc," notes the TSA's official Instagrammer. They're not just showing off their twisted treasure chest; the Instagram post does double duty in aiding travelers with the recovery of those lost items. Rescue your items from the TSA by visiting their website for a list of airport contact numbers, for Lost & Found information.

[Photo: @TSA]

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