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Trip4Real, an 'Airbnb for Local Guides,' Takes Spain's Tourism by Storm

Where: Spain
August 29, 2014 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

When traveling to a foreign city, it's nice to eschew the guidebooks and TripAdvisor tips to find your own way "like a local." Well, now a new travel start-up in Spain called Trip4Real has made this common traveler's wish something of a reality as they mark unforgettable experiences all around the country.

Calling upon Spaniards who have been vetted as "experts," the website pairs visitors with locals in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and other Spanish hotspots share the sort of experiences you'll brag about later. Similar to Airbnb, each expert is guaranteed legit by the company so you wont have to worry about someone stealing your money or not getting what you paid for.

All up, there are 3,000 tour guides across the country that host up to 1,000 activities, from the beach-finding the coves of Costa Brava and flamenco dancing in Seville, Trip4Real has you covered. The program caters to all budgets, from backpackers looking to spend under 50 Euros to the once-in-a-lifetime travelers who can drop over 1,000 Euros.

This isn't your cookie cutter tour site; if you don't find an experience that suits your style or desires, you can submit your own request and the folks behind the scenes will do all the leg work to get you matched-up with someone who can make it happen. And don't sweat it if you aren't planning to head to Spain, since Trip4Real plans to expand to London, Paris, Rome and Berlin within a year.

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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