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A Refresh for the Seatback Pocket as American Revamps In-Flight Magazine

August 26, 2014 at 10:12 AM | by | ()

Be sure to grab a copy of the in-flight magazine from your seatback pocket on your next American Airlines flight, as it soon might be a bit of a collector’s item. The airline isn’t ditching the in-flight magazine—don’t worry—but they are bringing in a new company to run, write, and produce the periodical through a revamp.

Ink Global will now be in charge of American Way. This isn’t the first in-flight magazine for the folks over at Ink Global; it's their specialty, as they're in charge of periodicals as wide-ranging as United's Hemispheres and EasyJet's Traveller to Eurostar's Metropolitan and Thomas Cook's travel.

Ink will work to make back issues of the magazine available online, so you’ll be able to access the archives on your tablet or mobile device. Now you can relive that long haul flight that you loved so much, by completing that sudoku puzzle again and again!

Reading all the praise from both companies didn’t reveal anything new to us, so we’d expect more of the same—and that’s a good thing. We enjoy a good in-flight magazine; it’s kind of the appetizer to whatever content we brought along with us. We wish the best for American Way 2.0, and we’ll keep our eyes out toward the seatback pocket.

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