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Why the Tokyo Skytree is Totally Worth the $20 Ticket

Where: Tokyo, Japan
August 28, 2014 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Listen in, because we have the scoop on Tokyo's newest tourist attraction. Tokyo Skytree may already be two years old but, in the grand scheme of things for Tokyo, it's still the hottest attraction for both locals and tourists to enjoy a birds-eye view of the planet's largest capital.

This addition to the expansive skyline serves a purpose higher than being a popular selfie spot; it's also a broadcast tower and the holder of the title of "World's Tallest Tower." Located on the east side of the Sumida River in a neighborhood that went by the name of Musashi, the Skytree revived the district and is now drawing tourists to discover beyond the usual centers of Harajuku and Ginza.

Firstly, the tower can be seen from most places in the city but is most stunning from Asakusa, with happy-snappers scoring pics of the "tree" in between more traditional temples and buildings. It truly makes for a great picture for social media brags.

With a designated subway stop specifically for the Skytree, it couldn't be easier to reach. A fully modern shopping mall occupies the lower levels, but we'd recommend heading straight to the base of the tower, picking up your "reservation" slip, and then returning for some shopping before it's time to head up.

At your reservation time, head up to the winding line to pay your $2,060 JPY ($19.70 USD) ticket and take ones of four elevators to the top. The zippy elevators are themselves part of the experience; each car is themed and decorated for one of the four seasons.

The first stop is the Tembo Deck, 1,148 ft in the air. This appetizer affords 360-degree views of this city and, on a clear weather day, uninterrupted shots of Mt. Fuji. If all of this altitude makes you hungry or thirsty, there a few snack bars and restaurants to whet your whistle and fill your belly.

Head up the elevators yet again for the main course, the Tembo Galleria, a glass-sided, tube-like corridor at a height of 1,476 ft above ground. After snapping plenty of pics and a ride down the same elevators, you'll have the right to claim you've visited the world's tallest tower, explored a newly hot neighborhood of Tokyo, and enjoyed a view of Tokyo unavailable to those who chose the typical ride up Tokyo Tower, Skytree's competitor.

Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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