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Elvis is Back (as a Hologram), and Performing Again as Early as 2015

August 28, 2014 at 11:53 AM | by | ()

The King is back!

Sort of.

The other day, we wondered if virtual reality will ever make waves in the travel industry. For the music industry, the answer is yes. For those of you who remember when Tupac and Michael Jackson arose from the dead, the same kind of thing is in the works to revive Elvis’ career from the grave. Only this time, the idea is not to make a surprise appearance - the goal is to put the King back on tour.

Jamie Salter, Owner of The Estate of Elvis Presley, has announced that the ball is rolling on a plan to develop a “virtual King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” one that would, presumably, travel the country. "This deal now positions Elvis at the forefront of the digital domain," Salter said. Frank Patterson, CEO of Pulse Evolution, the company that will develop the technology, added, “Through this digitally reimagined Elvis, new and younger audiences will be able to see firsthand why he is called the King of Rock 'n' Roll."

On one hand, we think is this pretty interesting, and look forward to seeing how good the technology turns out to be. On the other, it's kind of creepy - the dude is dead, you know? He had his time. Either way, you have to feel for all the current-day musicians of the present. It’s hard enough to make waves in the music business amongst the competition that is alive, let alone the ones that are dead.

According to reports, this could all become reality as early as mid-2015 and, not surprisingly, Las Vegas and Macau are the front runners as the debut location. When they officially announce the time and location of the first performance, we’ll be sure to pass on the details.

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