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Why Hyperlapse from Instagram is Such a Runaway Hit for Mobile Travel Photography

August 27, 2014 at 5:55 PM | by | ()

Have you posted a Hyperlapse yet?

Hyperlapse from Instagram, a free video app released yesterday to the iTunes app store, is enjoying runaway success, with more than 40,000 Instagrams bearing the #hyperlapse hashtag in just the first 24 hours. The quick uptake isn't surprising; the app is well-designed, easy to use, easy to sync with social media, and inspirational in nature.

It's obvious from the first moment of the first Hyperlapse (Instagram's promo video, above), that this brand new app is god's Instagram's gift to mobile travel photography. Wired even went so far as to call it a "$15,000 video setup in your hand."

The coolest feature of the app is something with which you won't even directly interact—a complex digital stabilization enabled by the phone's inner gyroscope; Instagram has dubbed the technology "Cinema." Beyond the stabilization, your videos have the option to be sped up (1x - 12x). This makes Hyperlapse ideal for capturing action; the more activity, the more interest, and what better way to capture activity than while in transit or experiencing the heartbeat of a fresh destination? Even Quartz concedes that the app is ideal for showcasing transit around the world.

There are a few criticisms we have for the app, which will hopefully be worked out in future updates. One such bummer is the inability to import a video and then use Hyperlapse to speed it up; all videos must be filmed within the Hyperlapse app (understandable, considering the stabilization). We also would have enjoyed the ability to slow down, versus only speed up, the videos. While slo-mo filming is available from the iPhone 5's native camera, it doesn't include the awesome stabilization of Hyperlapse.

Finally, a Hyperlapse video does take up space on your phone, and your phone will only notify you when there's not enough space after you've completed your masterpiece. Back up content on your phone, clear it out, and prepare to fill it again with Hyperlapses.

Here are a few travel Hyperlapses we're loving thus far:

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