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Why You'll Soon Find Your Hertz Rental at a Local Walgreens

August 22, 2014 at 7:52 AM | by | ()

From renting cars by the hour to picking up rides with strangers there’s always something new in the wild world of rental cars. Hertz is often one of the leaders when it comes to thinking up new ideas—or borrowing good ones from other companies—and now it looks like they have a new plan to get you into a car when you need a ride.

It looks like things are being worked out in some corporate boardroom, but the plan is to put Hertz rental cars right in the parking lot at your local Walgreens pharmacy and drug store. They actually just finished up a test in where they offered up cars at around 30 locations in the greater Chicago area as well as the area in and around San Antonio.

They’re still running the numbers and grabbing feedback, but it appears that they want to relaunch things nationwide as soon as next year. Eventually Hertz wants to have roughly 12,000 neighborhood locations available for pick-up and drop-off by like 2016, and it sounds like the Walgreens partnership will just be one piece of that puzzle.

We’re sure things are somewhat subject to change, but in the pilot program the Hertz website or app is where things get started—rather than the pharmacy counter. A code is sent along with your reservation confirmation, and then you type the digits into a keypad to gain access the car—the keys are inside waiting for you.

Overall, a good idea by Hertz—we’re looking forward to picking up a car for the weekend along with a side of ointment.

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