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'Welcome To Sweden' Creator Greg Poehler Has Tips for Your Next Trip

Where: Sweden
August 21, 2014 at 2:35 PM | by | ()

Greg Poehler had the perfect subject for his first sitcom - his own life. After falling in love with a Swedish women, Poehler left his life in NYC and followed her home. Now, he's turned his initial culture shock into a hit sitcom in both countries.

Along the way, he also learned a thing or two about communicating in his new country. Here are few tips Poehler has for your next trip to Sweden.

Sweden might be the only foreign country that doesn't appreciate it when visitors try to speak the language, especially since most Swedes speak fluent English.

“I speak Swedish at, like, a 7-year-old level," Poehler admitted. “If I start speaking Swedish to someone and then they find out I’m American, they’re offended that we’re having this horribly difficult conversation when we could have just been speaking English.”

When in doubt, talk about ABBA.

“ABBA couldn’t be bigger there,” Poehler said of Sweden. Poehler even included one of the band's members, Björn Ulvaeus, in an episode filmed at Stockholm's ABBA: The Museum.

Don't bother bringing up Brangelina or Ikea.

According to Phoeler, “Swedes have a different view of celebrity, and I think it ties in with their socialistic mentality, which is like, nobody’s better than anybody else.”

Along with a lack of interest in celebrity culture, Swedes couldn't care less about what most Americans consider their greatest import - Ikea. “There’s a Swedish brand here [in the U.S.] that almost doesn’t exist there,” Poehler said.

Welcome To Sweden airs Thursday nights on NBC.

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