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Infographic Alert: 40 Travel Scams to Avoid, Country by Country

August 21, 2014 at 2:16 PM | by | ()

We've been warning you off tourist scams since the very earliest days of Jaunted, and that's because we know what you know: getting ripped off on vacation sucks. It could be something as simple as a cabbie overcharging you, all the way to schemes that involve multiple people and magic tricks. The particularly hateful "metal detector shuffle" - where you not only get robbed but you get your time wasted - was something we flagged for you all the way back in 2008. But no matter how simple or complicated, the loss of money burns and can cast a shadow over an otherwise good time.

Travel website Just The Flight has published an entire infograph listing down 40 common scams from around the world, broken down by country. The page hosting the graphic offers up a bunch of reasons why the scams work. The most basic issue is that people in strange situations genuinely need help to navigate, find landmarks, etc. That means they're inherently vulnerable. The fact that they're probably carrying a lot of cash on their person in one place- because you guys never listen to us - makes them even more attractive targets.

Looking over the infograph, we were struck by how some of these rely on the traveler being an asshole. "The Dodgy Doctor" involves you wanting to cheat on your travel insurance. "An Amazing Jewellery Deal" requires you to buy goods (on your vacation) that you intend to flip and sell for a profit back home. Ditto, kind of, for "The Found Ring." "The Drug Deal" sets you up to get busted for a fake drug deal, which you have to pay your way out of.

That said, most of the scams are done by people preying on innocent tourists. So the list is handy that way, as long as you remember one caveat: the vast majority of people in the vast majority of places you'll meet are not scammers.

Travel has quite literally never been safer.

[Photo: Just The Flight]

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