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One of the World's Most Extreme Roller Coasters Enters Final Days

September 2, 2014 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

"Mantis gets squashed October 19."

These ominous words now greet visitors to the official Facebook page of Cedar Point, the Ohio amusement park known for its plethora of record-breaking rollers coasters. These words mean only bad news from Cedar Point, as their Mantis coaster will cease to operate after October 19, but no future plans have been announced.

Mantis was constructed at a cost of $12 million, and debuted for the summer of 1996. For that first year, it held a record with the "World's Tallest Vertical Loop," and the 3900' feet of track attracted coaster enthusiasts from around the world, all champing at the bit over experiencing an extreme stand-up coaster.

Will Mantis be converted or updated? Will it be sold to another theme park? Or will Cedar Point perhaps make good on their promise to honor LeBron James with a coaster named for him, now that he has returned to play basketball in Ohio?

Having ridden Mantis many, many times over the years, we understand Cedar Point's decision to say so long to Mantis and we won't be very sad to see its departure. Standing up/leaning into a tiny bike seat wasn't the most comfortable experience, and it was a rough ride; the loops and jerks would bounce our head back and forth in the upper body restraint more than we would have liked. Furthermore, Mantis no longer holds any world records or special titles; Cedar Point, and a roller coaster's popularity, invariably counts on such accolades to keep the turnstiles rotating.

Cedar Point is rightly allowing Mantis devotees these next several weeks as a mourning period, but further updates are promised and these can only be bigger and better.

[Photos wikimedia, Cedar Point]

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