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What Kind of Role Does a Smartphone Play in Your Travel Style?

August 21, 2014 at 1:52 PM | by | ()

We cover a lot of smartphone applications that help make life on the road a little easier. And, without question, these products of technology in our pockets allow us to take shortcuts with our trip planning that were not possible in the past, from driving directions and virtual guidebooks to researching hotel prices from a café.

In that sense, the smartphone has eliminated the risk of “getting lost” while traveling, ensuring we always have a safety net at our side. They also double as our cameras, and have eliminated the need for casual travelers to carry two pieces of equipment.

And the data backs up our addiction. According to a study, nearly 40 percent of travelers agree that their smartphone is the most important item to take on vacation, and 67 percent agree that they will use it every single day. There’s no reason to bet the bank on one little study, but it did get us thinking about how drastically travel has changed because of the smartphone.

Yet, despite all this resourcefulness that comes from the smartphone, many "old-school" travelers still prefer to go about things the old-fashioned way, either looking for recommendations via word of mouth on the ground or using paperback guidebooks as their primary source of information. Or, some simply can't stand the sight of a smartphone while away from home, as it reminds them of the work that's waiting for them upon return. Even worse, it tempts them to check their email. Surely, you all have friends with different mentalities, and even the contributors here at Jaunted differ in the way they approach a destination.

So, we pose the question to you. Do you still prefer a paper guidebook? Or word of mouth recs? Or is ensuring your smartphone is fully charged on your morning to-do list when on the road?

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