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Delta Brings In New Bits and Bites To The Sky Club

August 19, 2014 at 9:48 AM | by | ()

When it comes to airline lounges, things here in the U.S. are leaps and bounds behind what’s being offered internationally. However, one major carrier's digs are getting a modest facelift, as Delta Sky Club has launched changes to its services. .

Delta’s airport lounges have always offered up complimentary snacks and beverages—even the alcoholic ones—but the latest upgrade and improvement is focused on the food. Please don’t expect waiter service, entrees, or tasting menus, but just last week the free bits and bites received little bit of an upgrade.

Stuff like locally-sourced bagels, mini muffins, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, cereal, and Greek yogurt are now options at breakfast. The lunch menu changes are mostly in the form of snacks, though, as things like pretzel mix, popcorn, cheese, crackers, and hummus make an appearance. Some other new offerings include different kinds of soups, a few new cookie options, and mini cheesecakes.

Check out the full menu right over here, and most of the items have a link to their nutritional information. It’s kind of easy to consume your daily calorie intake in pretzel mix when you’re not paying attention—so be careful with those bar snacks.

You definitely still can't skip dinner in favor of the food at the Delta Sky Club, but breakfast is getting better, and we can file this under "something is better than nothing."

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