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What is 'Paris Syndrome' and Who Has It Now?

Where: Paris, France
August 18, 2014 at 7:31 AM | by | ()

We have all been in that travel situation where things don’t exactly meet—or live up to—expectations. The place wasn’t as good as it looked in pictures, the folks weren’t as friendly, or that imagined utopia just doesn’t exist outside your mind. Apparently this is somewhat common for some visitors to Paris, and that’s why Paris Syndrome is a thing.

We’ve mentioned it before, and it even has is very own Wikipedia page—so you know it has to be true. There’s all kinds of signs and symptoms, but basically it boils down to culture shock and things not being exactly as what was imagined. Japanese tourists seem to be one of the groups that suffers from things the most, but now there are reports that Chinese tourists are getting bummed out as well.

It’s not that a specific culture or ethnicity is more susceptible to things, but it does sound like those from China are starting to suffer. They seem to be targeted by pickpockets, they’re turned off by the reality of Paris, and the warm welcome just isn’t there.

Maybe just lowering expectations could help things a little bit? As we said we back in 2006—the Eiffel Tower isn’t that tall and the croissants are terrible.

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This syndrome...

exists not only in travel but in all aspects of life, with relationships and friendships being good examples. People who constantly set expectations instead of embracing reality for what it is are guaranteed to be disappointed.