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Monday Five Thirty: Here's What to Drink When in Guatemala

Where: Guatemala
August 18, 2014 at 7:48 PM | by | ()

Given that Guatemala has about two dozen volcanoes to explore, you'll definitely be thirsty when it comes time to rest your bones for the day. Look for these local favorites that are not only made within the country, but carry interesting backstories sure to kick off your happy hour in style.

Zacapa Rum

Zacapa Rum gets its name from Zacapa, a small town in eastern Guatemala founded in 1876. It is arguably Guatemala's most well-known export, and much of that has to do with its reputation and unique creation process. All of its rums are aged at high altitude, 7,544 feet, which, according to the distillery, slows down the aging process and helps the rum develop unique characteristics and flavors. It's sugar cane is grown at 1,114 feet above sea level in volcanic soil.

In 1976, owner Ron Zacapa created the now-flagship Centenario in celebration of the town's 100th anniversary. If you want to get a taste of Guatemala without traveling to Guatemala, you can find it easily in the States.

Gallo Beer

Brewed in Guatemala City, Gallo is a refreshing pale lager with an abv of 5%. It's the country's "oldest continuously produced beer," its brewing history dating back over a hundred years ago to 1896. It is the country's most widely drank beer and you can find it at every bar and at every corner store.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Gallo Beer is the legend of how its name came about. When first released by Cerveceria Centro Americana, people started asking for it by the character that appeared on the label: A gallo, or rooster. After that, the beer was officially branded as Gallo. Today, the beer can be found in the United States under the brand "Famousa."

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