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Carnival Plans a $70 Million Port Investment in Haiti

Where: Haiti
August 13, 2014 at 7:40 AM | by | ()

The cruise business must be going well for the people over at Carnival, as they have a whole bunch of money available to invest in a brand new port.

All in all it looks like the cruise line will be throwing down around $70 million to build a brand new private port in Haiti. Once completed this will be the seventh port owned and operated by Carnival down in the Caribbean, and this one will be located on Tortuga Island—it looks like it’s somewhat off Port-de-Paix on the country’s northwestern coastline.

Apparently this is going to be the largest investment in Haiti as far as the cruise industry is concerned, but of course we have to ask if there’s better ways to invest in Haiti rather than tourism—we’ll just leave it as that.

[Photo: Lisa Andres]

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For-Profit Company

Are there "better ways to invest in Haiti rather than tourism"? Well, of course. But, I don't think that's the right question. That question should be: Are there better ways for a for-profit cruise line to invest in Haiti? The answer is a resounding "no".

better ways to invest in Haiti rather than

I have worked in international development for over 8 years, including dev work in Haiti, and have seen billions of dollars wasted by non-profits and for profit international development companies who have promised for decades the creation of a stable economy and robust infrastructure. This obviously has not happened. I was reminded of the important of tourism on my last work trip to Guatemala. After two long weeks of work, I only had a few hours to escape to Antigua from Guatemala City. During the drive up, my driver and I talked about politics, our families, and tourism. He said, "Thank God for tourism. It provides me a reliable and stable income that allows me to feed my family and not get into the drug industry." He went on to say that the only other industry that provides that type of income is the drug industry. Tourism has its flaws, no doubt, but it can be critical to a country's people.