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The Louvre Has a Pest Control Problem

Where: Paris, France
August 13, 2014 at 12:02 PM | by | ()

First it was pickpockets, and now there’s another kind of pest hanging out around the Louvre over in Paris.

It seems like the inside of the museum is safe, but the gardens that surround the place are kind of infested with rats—gross. Apparently visitors and tourists enjoy leaving bits and pieces of trash and picnic debris behind, and that encourages the rats to come out and snack. Unfortunately a real life version of Ratatouille it is not.

Pest control efforts seem to have worked well so far, and the little critters are now a little less plentiful than in the past. So on your next visit to the museum and the gardens be on the lookout for some furry friends, and be sure to toss your trash and garbage where it belongs.

[Photo: Catchpenny]

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