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Inside the Amenity Kit: Japan Airlines' Basket of Goodies

Where: Japan
August 13, 2014 at 2:23 PM | by | ()

We come across some downright awesome airline amenity kits in our travels, and the surprises of each zippered pouch can often make or break comfort on a premium flight. With this in mind, here's to our new series: Inside the Amenity Kit, wherein we unzip, unwrap, and expose the loot inside:

Since we're usually greeted by a clever little pouch of airline branded goodies on long-haul flights in business class, you can probably understand our surprise when, on a recent Japan Airlines flight, the flight attendant didn't deliver a kit but rather walked through the cabin with a basket of selections.

Shortly after take-off, cabin crew arrived with this variety of pre-packaged toothbrushes, eye-masks, hydration masks, earplugs and a refreshing eye towel. We decided to grab one of each for the long flight from Tokyo-Narita to Chicago-O'Hare.

Our slight disappointment from not getting a cool airline bag as a souvenir was quickly forgotten once we tried out the eye towel and the hydration mask. The eye towel is an especially nice way to refresh and cleanse the face before nodding off into a pillow.

The real excitement was saved for the hydration mask, however; this mouth and nose mask resembling a hygienic doctor's mask slips over your ears to help maintain hydrated airways. It worked like a charm—no dry throat or nostrils here—and we wouldn't mind seeing this pop up in future amenity kits on other airlines.

Somewhere in between all the of this amenity madness, the cabin crew also offered up a JAL-branded cardigan to stay nice and toasty during the flight, but we didn't opt for one since the temperature was already pretty toasty.

For last-minute freshening up prior to landing, head to the lavatory for a selection of dental kits and mouthwashes.

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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