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New Airline Alert: Vistara Enters the 'Limitless Expanse' of India

Where: India
August 12, 2014 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

There've plenty of grumblings both good and bad regarding the newest airline in India, but only now does it actually have a name: Vistara. The joint venture comes from Singapore Airlines and Tata, the folks behind TajAir.

The full-service airline is looking to bring back the joy of flying in India, which they hope to do with A320s and a touch of Singapore's signature hospitality. The airline will take the keys to their first bird in September and plans to launch operations around the same time. Vistara is pretty confident with the big names behind them, and plan for a 20-strong fleet by their 5th year of operations, including some shiny new A320Neos.

The planes will sport a traditional design on a field of royal purple, with cabin crew uniforms matching the color scheme. The airline's Facebook page shared the designs, but it's still just a peek. As for the name itself? "Vistara" is a derived from a Sanskrit word, vistaar, which means limitless expanse.

[Photo: Vistara Facebook]

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