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British Airways' New In-Flight Entertainment Will Be Truly Aww-Inspiring

August 11, 2014 at 6:52 PM | by | ()

From the airline that brought you a channel dedicated to a 7-hour train trip through Norway now comes a channel devoted to nonstop cuteness. Debuting this September on British Airways' long-haul flights, "Paws and Relax" will initially lead off with the comic series "Simon’s Cat," the documentary "The Secret Life of Cats," and the awwww-inspiring "America’s Cutest Dog."

It's obviously a departure from the usual in-flight fare of almost-new movie releases and TV series from B-list actors, but "Paws and Relax" is based on the very real research that watching cute animals lowers blood pressure and facilitates relaxation. The goal? To "enhance the wellbeing of customers" flying BA.

Paws and Relax will have an charitable ulterior motive; some of the show stars are residents of the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, which encourages viewers to consider adopting an animal in need of a good home.

This inflight channel calls to mind the popular Animal Planet show, "Too Cute," which is essentially an opiate in the form of a TV show. It's hard to be mad/stressed/sad after watching adorable puppies and kittens attempt to navigate little life tasks, and no one will judge you for tuning in to such stress relief at altitude.

Check out the preview below:

[Photo: Cynthia Drescher]

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too bad their animal loving doesn't extend to the orcas at Seaworld, which BA still sells packages to, unlike Virgin which stopped this year after public pressure. i guess orcas aren't as fluffy?