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Locals and Tourists Once Again Clash in California at LA's Hollywood Sign

August 11, 2014 at 12:56 PM | by | ()

Remember when SF decided to close one of its most infamous tourist attractions, the crooked Lombard Street, on certain weekends due to complaints by locals? Well, its rival city in the south, Los Angeles, is now experiencing similar problems with one of its landmarks, the Hollywood Sign.

According to the LA Times, an impromptu task force consisting of eight police officers has formed in response to "growing complaints from residents who say their neighborhoods are being overrun by tourist vans and rental cars drawn to the sign." Problems include double parking and congestion that has resulted in both physical damage and logistical frustration.

Going forward, Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge said he is considering alternative ways to help the residents and tourists coexist, such as "coning off" and placing volunteers at the vista lookout to help with flow and security. Other proposals, like pay-to-ride trams and alternative viewing spots, are also being discussed.

For those wondering, San Fran's Lombard Street is now back open after closing down to tourists on four weekends earlier this summer. The future remains unclear, however, as the city debates on whether to make the closures permanent going forward.

As tourism ingrains itself into the world's economy, the clash between locals and tourists is certainly something we will see no shortage of. The question becomes how cities and destinations will handle complaints from their residents. Do they put their own first, or does money do the talking in spite of a decline in the local quality of life?

As travelers, we can help to make sure this and other attractions remain accessible by always being overly respectful of those who call it home.

[Photo: LA Times]

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