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Southwest Turns the TVs to Cartoon Network

August 1, 2014 at 8:36 AM | by | ()

Attention kiddos! You best remember to keep your electronic gadgets charged and ready before your next flight, as Southwest Airlines has a new in-flight entertainment channel geared right to your tastes.

Okay so it’s not just for kids, but programing from Cartoon Network will now be delivered via WiFi through the carrier’s in-flight entertainment system. Just do note that aboard Southwest Airlines it’s going to be a bring your own device situation, so keep that phone or tablet nearby.

This should keep everyone entertained on all those flights heading to and from Orlando, and it’s a nice addition to the channel lineup aboard the airline. All in all—through their partnership with Dish Network—Southwest now has about 20 live television channels and around 75 on-demand options from which to choose.

Finally, they have approximately 80 percent of their planes doing the WiFi thing, so you have a pretty decent shot at some up in the air cartoons.

[Photo: Aero Icarus]

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