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Whoa Whoa Whoa: The Grand Prize for 'Amazing Race Canada' is Seriously Amazing

August 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

There once was a time long, long ago when we breathlessly reported the globe-hopping antics of the reality TV show Amazing Race. Alas, we gave up after Season 18 and, now that they're still going strong with what surely must be Season 81, all the Amazing Race excitement fails to raise even an eyebrow.

That is, until we heard about Amazing Race Canada.

The competitors north of the border are the usual mix of cutesy couples, inspiring athletes, and curmudgeonly strange bedfellows; the destinations are as exotic and far-flung as ever; alas, it's the grand prize that's worth sitting up for.

The winning team of Amazing Race Canada's Season 2 will receive $250,000 CAD, two Chevrolet Silverados, gas for life from Petro-Canada, and a year of unlimited Business Class travel on Air Canada.

Say what?!

Sure, the winners of the original US version of Amazing Race were always backstabbing and double-crossing each other with a $1 Million USD prize in sight, plus those ho-hum all-inclusive trips Phil Keoghan would hand out like Halloween candy, but never before has unlimited premium airline travel been at play.

The first season of Amazing Race Canada boasted of having the largest prize in Canadian television history, but it only included maximum 10 premium class trips on Air Canada. Season 2, of course, needed to best this.

Amazing Race Canada Season 2 is currently airing on CTV, and it's not even halfway over so we'll reserve predicting a winner. Regardless, that duo will only have more important travel decisions to make. To throw in our two cents, we'd recommend hopping Air Canada's sparkling fresh Boeing 787 Dreamliner on AC's new nonstop route between Toronto-Pearson and Tokyo-Haneda, which we'll conveniently be delving into in high detail next week.

[Photo: Amazing Race Canada/CTV]

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