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Air France Testing New Electronic Boarding Pass Options

Where: France
July 9, 2014 at 6:40 AM | by | ()

We’ve seen electronic boarding passes and other unique ways to hop aboard your flight, and now Air France is adding their version of some newfangled technology to the boarding process.

The carrier’s new boarding business is all about near field communication—or NFC—as they’re partnering up with a local mobile provider to get the technology up and running. Basically passengers using Orange mobile smartphones will be able to touch here, tap there, and wave their device in order to make their way through the airport.

Things run from the carrier’s Touch&Pass app, and that will allow passengers to automatically get their fancy new NFC boarding pass right on their phone. Things are just being tested out at first, so it will be limited to those flying between Toulouse-Blagnac and Paris-Orly.

Right now things will be only offered up to some of Air France’s frequent flyers, but we’re hopeful that things work so darn well that they expand things to more travelers and more airports. Especially since it even sounds like things will work—including your boarding pass—even when your phone is locked or when the battery is out of juice. We’ll keep you posted.

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