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Unlimited Free WiFi Finds a Home at One of Europe's Busiest Airports

July 7, 2014 at 8:17 AM | by | ()

From New York City to Atlanta, some of the busiest airports in the world are finally flipping the switch on complimentary WiFi. It's better late than never, and we’re glad airports are finally getting the message. Now that complimentary connections are continuing to expand, its time to welcome's yet another major airport to the club.

Leave your credit card digits in your wallet, as Frankfurt Airport is now offering unlimited free WiFi to passengers 24 hours a day. Previously WiFi was limited to 60 minutes, but now you’re free to continue your time wasting—or work emails—until it's time to board that flight.

Airport officials over at Fraport AG have already flipped the switch, with more than 300 access points across the airport.

If you’re stuck in the terminals for more than 24 hours—no problem—it sounds like just a few clicks will refresh your session for the next day as well.

[Photo: beketchai]

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