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Cancun's Mindblowing Underwater Museum is Open to Visitors

Where: Cancun, Mexico
July 31, 2014 at 4:44 PM | by | ()

In 2009 we told you about a neat little conservation scheme that Mexico had brainstormed to preserve the country's coral reefs. The reefs around Cancun were getting overrun by tourists, and so the government wanted to give those tourists something different but still shiny to play with instead. In this case the folks in charge of Mexico travel decided to build the world's largest underwater museum, and to fill it with precious sculptures. It would give divers a brand new thing to explore. Clever clever.

Fast forward half a decade, and CNN just did a full-blown photo spread on the now-completed Museo Subacuático de Arte. The museum's collection is filled with among other things sculptures by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. The article explains that the cement was covered with a particular kind of material that boosts coral growth, with the aim being that the art of providing a skeleton for a brand new coral reef.

The museum's English-language webpage is here and the artist bios are here/ But the sections you really want are available under the pull-down menu marked "gallery." From there you can jump to hi-res photo galleries showing off major works - all submerged and available for viewing - done by five different artists.

And after you've lost half an hour looking at those, you'll want to go to this page, which lists the visiting information. There are options for glass-bottomed boats, for like scuba diving, for parasailing, for regular old scuba diving, and for snorkeling. You'll also find maps showing the distribution of the underground sculptures.


[Photo: Jason Taylor / YouTube]

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