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A Captain and a Cartoonist: Pilot Turns His Sketches Into a Book

July 31, 2014 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

While we know commercial airline pilots are real people with thoughts and feelings (usually), we passengers rarely get even the slightest glimpse into the other side of the flight deck door.

Commercial airline pilot of 28 years, Chris Manno, has flipped this with the release of Flight Crew. . .like you, a collection of illustrations showcasing the behind-the-scenes view of a career pilot.

The collection of more than 70 cartoons highlights Captain Manno’s wit and talent for the fluid, loosely drawn cartoon style most professional illustrators wish they could achieve. The cartoons range from riffing on the absurdity of passenger requests to musings on the temporary cohabitation of flight attendants and pilots during their time together in the clouds.

In addition to the cartoon collection, Captain Manno also keeps a blog—JetHead—where you can obtain further perspective on what it means to be a commercial airline pilot, plus his responses to current aviation news and tips for making travel easier for all involved.

To grab your copy of Flight Crew. . . like you, head over to the official page.

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