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Sign a Petition to Rename an Airport for Team USA's World Cup Star

July 3, 2014 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

World Cup fever may have taken over sports bars around the US for the last few weeks, but with the recent loss of Team USA to Belgium, American pride is refocusing for the Fourth of July holiday.

In the heat of that deciding match, however, a tweeted suggestion from The Wall Street Journal's Jon Ostrower lit a fire that continues to burn. The suggestion? To rename Washington DC's Reagan National Airport to Tim Howard Washington National Airport, in honor of the US team's star goalkeeper and his incredible 16 saves against Belgium in Tuesday's game.

After all, President Obama did call Howard to congratulate him on his performance, and someone briefly changed the Wikipedia entry for US Secretary of Defense to name him (instead of actual Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, who also called). The suggestion was even taken seriously enough to spur an official petition to the Obama Administration.

It simply states:

Whereas Tim Howard has shown himself to be a national treasure, Minister of Defense, Friend of Joe Biden, and the holder for the record of most saves in a World Cup match; Therefore, we politely request that we rename the airport to recognize his accomplishments, and meritorious service to the United States of America.

The petition has a goal of 100,000 signatures, of which it already has 14,500. That's a lot of people who'd like to see "Tim Howard Airport" on their itineraries.

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Archived Comments:

Its a joke, right?

People are going to think this petition is serious and, that is a bad thing. We can't start honoring people who are on the losing end of things, no matter how individually talented they are. The USA lost, and we barely made it that far! Also, being a friend of Joe Biden would be a questionable merit . . . Let's keep honors like airports to people who are true National treasures and have passed on . . .