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Training Camp Travel: How to Scope Out the Super Bowl Champs in Seattle

July 29, 2014 at 11:35 AM | by | ()

Are you ready for some football?! There’s still a few months before the first official kickoff, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for a sneak peek. Training camps are set to do their thing later this month, so if you’ve always wanted to check out the scrimmages and practices now’s the time to start planning:

In case you missed it earlier this year the Seattle Seahawks brought home their very first Super Bowl title after defeating the Denver Broncos in a big way. Now that’s all in the past, and the team is looking toward another winning season. Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, and Marshawn Lynch—well maybe, he’s holding out for a new contract—are all now warming up for the season, and you can check them out.

· When's Camp:
Things are already underway, and this offseason the team is doing their thing at Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington. Things kicked off—ha—last week, and it looks like the practices that are open to the public will run through August 12. All in all there are 12 events from which to choose, so start working on that excuse for getting out of work.

· What's it Cost:
Thankfully the winning season hasn’t gone to the team’s head, as they’re still willing to offer up their training camp viewing for pretty much free. Just note that you do need to register beforehand, and it will set you back $7 for the transportation back and forth. So please don’t just show up, as it sounds like the parking lots are closed to the public. Things online indicate that several of the days are sold out, but this morning we were able to click through and register for practice later this week.

· What Else:
There’s a youth football clinic for the kiddos on July 30 and August 5, so be sure your little ones are ready to show off their skills to the scouts that might be in attendance. The Sports Authority Training Camp Retail Tent will be setup to hook you up with shirts, hats, and any other Seahawks souvenirs that you might need.

Food and beverages will be offered up from The Metropolitan Grill, and they’re bringing everything from pulled pork and brisket sandwiches to grilled corn right from the grill. This year’s training camp is sponsored by Bing, so maybe expect some free search engine swag as well—enjoy!

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