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Spirit Airlines Sets Twitter to Auto-Pilot

July 28, 2014 at 12:15 PM | by | ()

You’re probably pretty familiar with Spirit Airlines at this point. The ultra low cost carrier charges for this, that, and the other thing, and they’re not exactly known for their customer service or putting flyers first. Now things are about to get even worse—or better—as the airline is kind of setting their Twitter presence on autopilot.

Spirit recognizes that keeping up with social media takes some time, and that time is money. That’s why they just announced that they are planning to just rely on automatic responses to feed into their Twitter account. That means that if you’re complaining to them through Twitter or just looking for a little bit of help all you can expect is an automatic reply.

The funny thing is that the account is probably doing a little better and is a little more responsive than it ever was before, so this autopilot approach might just be beneficial in the long run. There seem to be direct replies back to users posting questions, but the airline insists that things are automatic.

So if you’re flying with Spirit Airlines anytime soon—our sympathies—be sure to check them out on Twitter for some assistance, some aggravation, or just a good laugh.

[Image: Twitter / Spirit Airlines]

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