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August Starts Free In-Flight Entertainment on All Delta Routes

July 29, 2014 at 11:02 AM | by | ()

Taking a page out of Southwest's playbook, Delta has announced that it will begin offering free in-flight entertainment to all passengers in all classes on all its domestic and international flights longer than 1.5 hours beginning this Friday, August 1st.

On newer planes, the entertainment initiative, known as "Delta Studio" and including movies, TV shows, music, and videogames, will come through the seat-back televisions. On planes without seat-back systems, the content will stream for free via in-flight Wifi on passengers' laptops and tablets.

The airline's own release claims that Delta is setting the industry standard when it comes to the next phase of in-flight entertainment, but we know that's a stretch of the imagination considering others, such as Southwest, have offered it for some time. Yes, we too find it ironic that a budget airline found a way the will to not nickel-and-dime its passengers before Delta, American/US Air, and United.

Despite how overdue it may be, we certainly welcome this change here in the present, and hope that it puts pressure on all the remaining airlines who still charge for basic entertainment to reconsider their ways. We also hope that Delta is not done. Even with the new options, customers in economy still have to pay for some movies (new releases) and premium channels (HBO). We'll be flying Delta next week, so we'll then be able to give you the scoop on the new system. Stay tuned.

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