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Frequent Flying Tips Straight from Virgin Atlantic's Flight Attendant Style Guide

July 28, 2014 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

This year's 30th Anniversary of Virgin Atlantic combined with the launch of the airline's snazzy new Vivienne Westwood-designed uniforms means more than just partytime in the skies on VS; these milestones will also bring about a revamped beauty and grooming guide for the already fresh and polished Virgin crew.

You see, when a new hire receives their uniform, they're also handed a Virgin-produced book titled Runway. It's essentially a guide to the "Virgin Atlantic look" regarding how to wear the uniform, suggested hair styles, and the like. It's meant for maintenance employees, gate agents and Clubhouse staff just as much as for cabin and flight crew, but the pages dedicated to the minutiae of a flight attendant's jet setting lifestyle are among the most enlightening.

Runway is right now in the process of being updated, but there are some choice sections worth preserving for all.

For example, the Runway guide offers up a full spread of Heloise-style hints for staying fresh and ready through multiple time zones. Here are a few of our favorites:

Fill your shoes with orange peel overnight. Remove it in the morning and they'll smell fruity fresh

When you try to remove a stain with stain-remover, apply the product on the back of the stain. If you apply it on the front, the stain may spread.

Put your fragrance on before your jewelry, as perfumes and product can corrode them.

To stop static, rub a wire coat hanger over your uniform. This even works on static hair!

Gold jewelry can look as good as new by soaking it in gin for a few minutes. Then rinse in warm water.

Pen marks on your handbag? Spray the area with hairspray, then wipe.

In addition, there's this list of items Virgin Atlantic suggests female flight crew tote in those gorgeous new red leather Vivienne Westwood handbags:

· Moisture defense spray
· Sun cream
· Nail varnish
· Solar oil (for nails)
· Anti-bacterial hand gel
· Mineral veil face powder
· Eyelash curler
· 8-hour cream
· Mascara
· Lip gloss
· Deodorant
· Nail file
· Blusher

You've regardless developed your own travel style, but borrowing a few of Virgin Atlantic's tips may help to enhance your sky readiness. Red heels not included.

We traveled to London as a guest of Virgin Atlantic for the uniform unveil, but most photos and all opinions are completely our own. [Photos: Cynthia Drescher, Virgin Atlantic]

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