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Check Your Colorado Rental Car for Little Leftover Baggies

July 22, 2014 at 7:11 AM | by | ()

So you probably know that Colorado has legalized marijuana—in all kinds of forms—for recreational use. However, you probably didn’t know that there’s a new place to acquire the state’s latest cash crop. It’s your rental car!

Okay—not really, but it does sound like unwanted marijuana has found a second home within the rental car garage. Most of the stuff is left behind at Denver International Airport right in the rental car, and sometimes it’s even offered up to the agents by those departing the state.

It’s not welcome at the airport, and you can’t bring it home to your state—so the trash (or leaving it in your PT Cruiser) is kind of the best option. Very few travelers have been cited for possession at the airport within the last few months, so it sounds like those heading out of town are being responsible.

We usually aren’t too keen on using stuff left behind in the rental car, but it might just be worth checking under the seats when you pick up your car from the airport—ha!

[Not a photo of what we're talking about: CBP Photography]

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