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Southwest Airlines Turns Old Seat Surfaces Into Soccer Balls

Where: Kenya
July 21, 2014 at 8:29 AM | by | ()

We’d imagine that refreshing and upgrading a cabin creates plenty of trash, rubbish, and garbage. However, it looks like the leather seating surfaces used by Southwest Airlines will find a second life after their time up in the air is complete.

The airline details things over on their blog, but we figured we would share things with you as well. It’s pretty darn neat. It’s all part of the airline’s program called LUV Seat: Repurpose with Purpose, as they turn old stuff into better stuff—or what they call upcycling rather than recycling.

As part of the airline’s cabin refresh over 43 acres of leather needs to be given a new home, and phase one of this project involves people over in Nairobi, Kenya turning the materials into everything from backpacks and shoes to soccer balls. Organizations like SOS Children’s Village Kenya, Alive and Kicking, and Maasai Treads are just some of the organizations teaming up with Southwest for this initiative.

Again, you can read more right over here at Nuts About Southwest, and we hope it gives you a little warm and fuzzy while enjoying your morning coffee.

[Photo: Southwest Airlines]

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