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Wish You Were Here: Fraser Island, Australia

July 21, 2014 at 1:42 PM | by | ()

We come to you from a small dollop of land off the Eastern coast of Australia by the name of Fraser Island. This World Heritage Site sits about 120 miles north of Brisbane in the Hervey Bay region, and is a haven for some unique flora and fauna, including native dingoes, goanna lizards, and more.

Fraser's biggest claim to fame however, is the fact that it's the world's largest sand island, boasting awesome 4x4ing, meandering nature walks, and an easy tropical escape from the city. At this particular time of year, the island is home to some foreign travelers without the need of passports; we're talking about the massive whale migration from the Southern Pacific to these slightly warmer waters near the equator.

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Originally home to the Badtjala people for about 5,000 years, the island's Aboriginal name is K'gari (pronounced "gurri") and although the native population was relocated due to European settlement, there are still about 500 archaeological sites all over the island.

From driving up and down the beach as if it's a major highway to swimming in the crystal clear Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Island is a spot which illustrates the harmony of ecological beauty and adventure travel for which Australia is famous. With a strong push for eco-tourism, the Kingfisher Bay Resort offers plenty of activities to learn more about the environment and experience everything the island has to offer, including fishing, camping and trekking.

Wish you were here!

We traveled to Fraser Island as a guest of Kingfisher Bay Resort, but all of our opinions and photos are completely our own.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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