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Lonely Planet Launches Flight Search Engine

July 17, 2014 at 11:00 PM | by | ()

Lonely Planet, famous for its encompassing guide books, recently launched its own flight search engine as part of a site redevelopment. The move comes in an attempt by the company to assist customers with every stage of the trip planning process. Obviously, it already had the travel advice down to a science, but this is the first time it has gotten serious with its search engine, partnering with Skyscanner to deliver the goods.

The new search engine, which can be found here, is just like any other that you've used. It's also just as fickle. When we tested it out with a few searches and compared the results to Expedia, it went back and forth between which returned the cheapest results. One thing we did notice was that Lonely Planet returned significantly more results from about the same amount of airlines - 141 as compared to Expedia's 40 for a search between Denver and Los Angeles. The reason for this is because Lonely Planet's results listed all the individual flight options separately, even if they were the same price. Expedia, by comparison, typically only shows one option under each price quote.

Missing from Lonely Planet's results was Frontier Airlines, but otherwise, both engines delivered flight options from United, U.S. Airways, American, Spirit, Delta, and Alaska. Southwest and JetBlue were still missing in action.

Drop a bookmark and pencil this into your ever-growing list of search engines to explore when booking your next flight. We'll keep you updated on how people respond when using it, as it remains to be seen how the customer service aspect of booking through it will play out.

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