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Took Long Enough, But Italian Designers Now Making Furniture for Italian Airports

Where: Italy
July 17, 2014 at 6:50 AM | by | ()

A little bit of modern design is heading into airports across Italy in the form of new gate furniture. We’re used to the standard look and feel of the seats that fill the concourse and terminal, but now one firm is taking things to the next level with a simple—yet snazzy—"less is more" approach.

Poltrona Frau, whom you may remember as also having done the plush leather seats in Singapore Airlines Suites Class as well as Ferrari sports cars, are branching into airports. The seat has been dubbed "Flair" and it was launched in Milan last year. The first to score the swank seats is Bologna Airport, thanks to a little help from the architecture firm over at Progetto CMR.

The folks over at The Design Air have a good look at the process and they reveal a little more about the new seating surfaces, like how to have it in your own home.

We like the look of things, and think an overhaul of these kinds of seats is well overdue; however, we just are a little anxious that form was emphasized over function; where are the power outlets?!

[Photo: The Design Air]

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