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It'll Be Paper Airplanes in the Skies at Vancouver Airport

July 17, 2014 at 9:56 AM | by | ()

It’s a little late to enter this year’s contest, well that and the fact that it’s only open to the kiddos. However, we still think it’s worth mentioning, as it’s not everyday that they host a paper airplane contest at a major international airport.

Things are part of Vancouver International Airport’s YVR Take-Off Fridays, and this is the second annual occurrence of this little airplane contest and celebration.

Basically travelers are welcome to fold and form a piece of paper into their best version of an airplane, and then just give things a toss into the air. Prizes make things even better, as this year’s winner was awarded a $1,000 travel gift card and second place scored a pretty darn nice prize too—$500.

We need to get this on our calendar early next year, as things sounded pretty darn cute and a lot of fun. Until then we’ll be practicing our folding and flying skills, as we now know that judges will be looking for distance, creativity, and aerial aerobatics.

[Photo: Pen Waggener]

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