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Happy Birthday, Aviation: Many Airlines Celebrating Major Anniversaries in 2014

July 21, 2014 at 12:44 PM | by | ()

Ever heard of the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line? We're guessing probably not, but the Smithsonian sure has; the seaplane carrier is classified as the world's first airline, which inaugurated commercial air service in 1914 when it took off with one paying passenger. It may have been a short journey (only 23 minutes!), but the Airboat Line's impact extends to today as commercial aviation has become a $2.2 trillion dollar industry, employing over 57 million people.

In 2014, the world celebrates 100 years of commercial air travel, but that's not all.

In this last century, airlines and airplanes have evolved into a fact of everyday life for travelers, and some of the pioneering companies will mark milestones this year. Here's who to wish "happy anniversary":

2014 marks:

· Boeing's 95th
· KLM Royal Dutch's 95th (the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name)
· LANís 85th
· Deltaís 85th (of passenger service)
· Hawaiian Airlines' 85th
· South African Airways' 80th
· Airbus' 45th
· British Airways' 40th
· Air Malta's 40th
· Virgin Atlanticís 30th
· Frontier Airlines' 20th
· Nok Airís 10th

Similarly, next year is set to be another big one for aviation with further airline anniversaries and their anniversary-related airfare sales!

2015 marks:

· Qantas' 95th
· American Airlines' 85th
· Air India's 85th
· TAP Portugal's 70th
· Thai Airways' 55th
· Ryanair's 30th
· Emirates' 30th
· EasyJet's 20th
· JetBlue's 15th
· Virgin Blue/Virgin Australia's 15th

We think we got them all, but please let us know if we've overlooked any!

[Photos: Delta, Hawaiian Airlines]

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