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WestJet Looks to Bigger Planes for Better Budget, Long-Haul Flights

Where: Canada
July 14, 2014 at 8:52 AM | by | ()

The people over at WestJet have been offering budget flights around Canada and beyond since 1996, but now it sounds like they’re thinking about switching up their fleet to include more airplanes for more passengers, for more routes. Right now they are pretty much only utilizing different versions and flavors of the Boeing 737, but the future may bring wide-bodies.

It sounds like they’re thinking about scooping up as many as four larger planes, as they look to boost capacity—and profit—with more seats. Right now the focus seems to be Hawaii, as the carrier plans to utilize these new planes as soon as the fall of 2015.

Should all go well in Hawaii, WestJet would look toward wide bodies for Europe and other international destinations, but as of now nothing has really been decided upon...as far as we know.

As for the new planes, speculation says it'll be Boeing 767s, as those will fit in nicely with the carrier’s Boeing fleet and aren't as expensive as, say, new 787s, such as competitor Air Canada is receiving.

We’ll keep you posted on WestJet’s plans for further expansion, and whether they’ll perhaps include business class for the first time on these new planes and routes; for now that's also still just a rumor.

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