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Finland Will Finish Its Version of 'La Sagrada Familia' Before Spain

Where: Finland
July 14, 2014 at 3:06 PM | by | ()

It's a must-do on a visit to Barcelona, and tourists can usually immediately identify the most iconic church the city has to offer: La Sagrada Familia. This Gaudi masterpiece stands tall in the metropolis and, despite the fact it's been 131 years since construction commenced, it still remains shrouded in safety tarps and scaffolding.

Now the Spaniards have a little competition thanks to some post-graduate students from Eindhoven University in the Netherlands and their quest to recreate the famous Gaudi structure in ice. This winter, the pair plans to carve an ice castle replica of the cathedral in Juuka, Finland, where the average temperatures hover around -4 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set to be the largest ice dome in the world, the replica will tower around 123' in the air, with the cross topper adding an extra 16'. The La Sagrada Familia Finland will be 1:4 scale to the original, a size which will be maintained thanks to reinforced ice packed with wooden fibers. Frozen ropes will also support the structure's four towers.

Assembly will begin this December with the cathedral's completion sometime in January 2015. If you're really dying to be Queen Elsa from Frozen, the structure will be open to visitors starting January 18, 2015, weather permitting.

[Photo: Sagrada Familia in Ice Facebook]

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