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No Battery Left? This Tokyo Taxi Has Got You Covered

Where: Tokyo, Japan
July 15, 2014 at 4:20 PM | by | ()

We’ve all been there: you’re running around town all day, making phone calls, sending emails, taking full advantage of the mobility smartphones have given us. But with more features and ever-larger screens comes ever-decreasing battery life, and sooner rather than later you’re looking at a thin red sliver that’s left of what was a fully-charged device just hours ago.

Seeking refuge in a coffee shop, a hotel lobby, or crouching next to a random socket is one option, but this taxi we rode in Tokyo recently will literally keep you on the move, offering free charging for both iPhone and Android with a little Lichtenstein pop art-inspired imagery to go along with the despair you feel when “Please connect your charger” appears on your screen.

While we didn’t see this in every taxi during our days in the city, the one consistent feature was that they were pristine, down to the sparkling white crochet work covering the headrests and upper half of the backseat. While Tokyo has many obvious sights and attractions, there are plenty of little things that are endlessly fascinating and worth making the journey to Japan for, with batteries at max capacity to capture it all.

[Photos: JasonD]

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