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Hertz Pinky Swears They'll Give You a Car That's Clean and Safe

July 10, 2014 at 9:27 AM | by | ()

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, smelly, or otherwise not up to par rental car. We always get a little thrill getting in our rental for the first time, and that’s especially the case if we’re doing a good chunk of driving. Thankfully Hertz understands our passion for an awesome set of wheels, and they’re introducing a new set of promises and certifications.

In a way this just sounds like they’re putting a new spin and marketing angle on something they should—and might be—already offering; however, we’ll try to give them the benefit of the doubt here. Basically the new Hertz Certified Clean & Safe program is a 35-point checklist to ensure the car you’re picking up is truly good-to-go.

Supposedly they’ll be checking the door pockets each and every time, as well as things like mirrors, windows, and the cup holders too. As far as safety goes same kind of things—they’ll be looking at tires, lights, and other goodies. There’s no confirmation that they’ll also be looking for left behind CDs in the stereo, and we’re glad that’s the case—we always get a kick out of listening to someone’s left behind tunes.

Anyway, the new program apparently scored some good marks when being tested out in spots like San Diego and Cincinnati, so now it’s being taking company wide. Again, this is just stuff they should have been doing all along, but at least having things a little more official might just support a better rental car experience.

[Photo: Hertz]

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