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Royal Caribbean Heads Towards Land with New 'TourTrek' Venture

July 10, 2014 at 9:57 AM | by | ()

Royal Caribbean is taking their business out of the water and onto the land, as they’re working on starting up some kind of tour company spinoff.

At this point details are limited, but they did confirm things on a recent blog post; however, we’re wondering if that was only because Travel Weekly kind of beat them to sharing the news.

The new subsidiary will be known as TourTrek, and it’ll do its thing creating and constructing different excursions away from the water. Even though they’re still in the process of figuring things out it sounds like they’ll be offering up tours in 90 countries.

We would imagine that they would be eager to add on TourTrek options and packages to existing cruise intenerates, but we guess that the land based options could also be offered up individually outside of the traditional shore excursion. We shall see how this all shakes out over the new few months, but just be aware that Royal Caribbean is now invading the land after taking on the seas.

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