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Five Exercises for Staying Fit on Arrival

July 11, 2014 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

Last week, we highlighted some of our favorite exercises to get in both before boarding your plane and during your flight. If you're really looking to round out your travel wellness, however, fit in a few exercises after you touch down at your destination.

From altitude to humidity and posture to activity levels, our bodies are subject to different stresses than when we're on land. Even in a lie-flat seat, the body is slightly abused through saltier food, the possibility of free flowing alcohol, and time spent sedentary, so we offer you our picks for the best exercises and stretches to do while waiting for your luggage:

1. Calf stretches:

The muscles on the back of the lower leg are some of the most susceptible to difficulties after inactivity so it's important to give them a good stretch. Your walk to baggage claim will warm the muscles up enough for you to plant your heel next to a wall and rest the ball of your foot on the surface, leaning forward to a slight stretch with that knee slightly bent. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on other leg.

2. Sit-down/stand-ups:

As you wait for the baggage carousel to start, find a chair and sit down. Then stand up again. Do this about 15 times or until your behind and thighs start telling you that's enough. If you want to challenge yourself, just tap your butt on the edge of the seat without actually resting. It might go without saying, but a secluded chair or doing this exercise with a companion might make you look less crazy.

3. Chest and shoulder stretch:

Find a column or pillar and stand beside the corner or edge with your shoulder about 6 inches away. Extend your arm to rest on the surface and walk forward or shift your body weight forward. This should offer up a gentle stretch through the front of your chest and shoulders to wake up those tired muscles from being seated for a few hours; hold for about 15 seconds.

4. Shoulder rolls:

These can really be done anywhere, and they're perfect to get some blood flowing to the upper body. Shrug your shoulders towards your ears and, in a circle movement, roll them back allowing them to come forward a bit and return to the start position. A good 30 seconds of this is inconspicuous enough and will do you wonders for the ride home a day full of meetings or onward travel.

5. Hip flexor stretch:

While standing, balance on one leg and bend the opposite knee bringing your heel to your butt. Reach back and hold your foot while lifting your ribcage and opening up the front of that side of the body. Hold for about 15 seconds and repeat on the the other leg. For best results, work up to a few more sets of the these or hold them for a little longer.

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