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Yes, a 'Duct Tape Festival' is an Annual Thing for One US State

June 10, 2014 at 2:33 PM | by | ()

Clear your calendar and head to Avon, Ohio, as this is the weekend when the city celebrates all things duct tape. To be specific, it’s all about the Duck Tape brand of the silver stuff, as the 11th annual Avon Heritage Duck Tape Festival takes place June 13-15.

There’s plenty of live music, tape artwork and sculpture, a duct tape parade on Saturday, and of course plenty of chances to score some free rolls of tape. Things might be a little—uh—unique and different, but we say that just makes it that much more fun. Just imagine sharing the stories around the water cooler on Monday, as you outdo that weird guy at the office with your story of a weekend at the duct tape festival.

Best of all, there’s even a chance to get yourself in on a world record Saturday, as visitors are encouraged to participate in an attempt for the most people modeling in a fashion show. Just be sure to incorporate a main article of clothing using the sticky stuff as well as one kind of accessory—think of something like a hat or bow made of the tape.

Those following the rules—and looking a little ridiculous—will be welcomed up on stage at around 1:30pm, and then will get the chance to strut their stuff. One lucky participant will even score a $500 gift card in addition to hopefully a medal to commemorate the world record. Just be sure to register in advance right at the festival, or beforehand by filling out things right over here.

Good luck if you’re headed out to Ohio this weekend, and we’ll be looking for your name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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